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Ergonomic security with real human intelligence.

Eliminate alert fatigue and build trust between your security team and employees.

Screenshot of Slack application window showing the Crowdalert bot notifying a user that it's noticed some potenitally risky activity and requesting user input for an explanation.

Get notified in Slack

Crowdalert messages employees in Slack when they take sensitive actions. They help notice fishy behavior; you get verification, intention, and sequence of actions.

Thorough, precise identity

Crowdalert maps employee identities across accounts and systems so you can quickly see all actions taken by a specific person.

Reliable confirmation

If a new AWS key is making changes to infrastructure or running a large terraform, we can require that the owner of that key to confirm in Slack.

WebAuthn integration

For high risk actions, get round trip confirmation with a WebAuthn click for additional security.